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At Evolutivo, we empower medium and enterprise companies to navigate digital transformation seamlessly, even during challenging times. Our mission focuses on automating core activities that are difficult to streamline, leveraging both established and non-established enterprise software to achieve operational excellence

Strategic Areas of focus

Our strategic focus includes automating essential business processes and integrating advanced software solutions to cater to diverse market segments. We aim to enhance productivity for medium-sized companies by implementing innovative, non-standard software tailored to specific needs. For enterprise-level clients, we streamline operations with well-established enterprise software, ensuring reliability and scalability. Additionally, we tackle the automation of complex, non-core activities by initially using human intervention and gradually introducing automation to improve accuracy and efficiency. Our comprehensive approach leverages data science, experimental workflows, and master data management initiatives to optimize all aspects of operations, leading to better decision-making and enhanced performance.

We Execute Our Ideas The Start To Finish.

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Our Value Proposition

Evolutivo combines innovation and agility, offering new technological solutions that adapt to evolving client needs. Our collaborative approach ensures close alignment with client business goals, leading to optimized processes and increased efficiency. We strive for operational excellence, continuously improving systems to reduce errors and delays. Our customer-centric focus guarantees responsive and personalized assistance, ensuring high levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Through our commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes, we drive efficiency and productivity, helping clients successfully navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

Enterprise Retail sector

Evolutivo leverages its expertise in AI, and data analytics to streamline operations, enhance data quality, and reduce expenses

Automotive - Digital Operations

Improve the efficiency of the 3D design remote team, using advanced data capture and monitoring tools.

Reverse Logistic oversight

Using a comprehensive suite to monitor external actors in the reverse logistic processes of an enterprise company.

Lifecycle of a demolition shop

Full enhancement of the core operations through advanced software solutions. The objective was to streamline the process.

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