Vertical / Sectoral


EVO Medical Management is a tailor-made solution to meet the management needs of specialist clinics. Developed by a pool of business process experts, with the advice of leading figures in the medical sector, v-medical makes it easy and integrated to manage the data, documents and communications of the clinic.


The management of Associates in trade organizations or NGOs requires high flexibility in the form of each member. Evolutionary allows a very high flexibility managing Organizations (Legal Persons), Contacts (Physical Persons), Associates, Members present in external Registers. All enriched by extensive modularity in terms of roles, charges and similar detailed entities.

An equally important aspect is represented by the security of data and access levels that must be parameterized and set with a minimum level of granularity. Each user and access is represented by a series of Roles, Profiles, Security Exceptions ...

Human Resources

Evolutionary presents the HR solution, designed and designed to simplify business activities within the processes of human resource management and compliance with corporate regulations. The software was designed to improve internal communication and management of environmental systems, risks, to reduce costs and simplify business processes. At the center of the solution is the individual employee, with his knowledge, priorities, roles.

Around the employee card it is possible to create a mapping relating to Homogeneous Groups of Workers, company departments, branch offices and operational offices. This suite includes the tracking of tasks and tasks, managing ...