Control over customer acquisition strategies across all channels, achieved by focusing activities through Marketing Campaigns.

The primary channels used:

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Telemarketing
  • Teleselling
  • Appointment for agents

Case Management


New communication channels, tools, and products. Customers ask for more. Timing, compliance with the Contracts, Service Level Agreement. Maintenance planning and extraordinary interventions.

With Evolutionary Case Management, these goals can be achieved. Satisfy customers accurately and efficiently, thanks also to the planning tools contained in the suite.

case management

sales onboarding

Sales Onboarding

The sales force and related negotiation management solution allows for an optimized sales process, so that each sales representative can improve performance.

Traditional tools allow you to capture and insert data largely disconnected from company systems and the actual sales process. Sales representatives and back office staff end up manually creating spreadsheets, analysis reports and forecasts.

Being able to collect in one ...


Process integration for job orders, case management and other business management applications built on top of a solid foundation, the Platform Upgrade, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and extensibility of the system.

The suite has been designed to fill the gaps in work management for small to large companies. Born to address the challenges of dis-integrated data and resource management, the lack of integration of processes, projects and case management, and the lack of "social" collaboration ...


agile bi suite

Agile BI Suite

Minimize data import costs, leave business users the ability to dissect data and have a presentation of data accessible even by users not involved in the process, but with very limited rights. This is the purpose of an Agile BI system.