Business Processes

Evolutivo Platform 5 is the set of all the development carried out by the Evolutionary team in the last 6-7 years. We started by building a solution for Operations Management (a sort of very rigid and formal Project Management) based on graphic design done with external tools.

From that point we built a "Micro Services" framework called Business Actions and interfaced with a business rules management (Business Rules) to be able to launch any type of actions and customizations making extensive use of parameterization modules.

However, the qualitative leap in the development of a real platform has come thanks to the technologies ...

Service Oriented Architecture

The integration of the systems is realized through a micro-services and exposure engine through REST services. We have created a modular set of cloud integration components built for a specific application or data source. All while designing integration by business users, freeing developers from much of the complexity of the application, the underlying data model and the service.

Through primitive Business Actions available for analysis and sources of Big Data, identity management, social media, online storage, ERP, databases and technologies such as XML, JSON, ...

Agile Business Intelligence

Minimize data import costs, leave business users the ability to "browse" data and have a presentation of data accessible even by users not involved in the process, but with very limited rights. This is the purpose of an Agile BI system.

Evolutionary offers a set of very specific tools to be able to launch a Business Intelligence initiative in Agile mode: leaving the business user (ie not a developer or a Data Scientist) the choice of dimensions and measures to explore.

The set of tools range from a graphical Query Builder to a Business Intelligence Server that brings data into a prepared engine ...